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ABC Twiggles®

Fun with the Letters of the Alphabet!

Why Us

Welcome to ABC Twiggles®!
Children must be able to recognize, name, and form the letters of the alphabet in order to read. Our ABC Twiggles® Program is structured to introduce children to alphabet concepts using a multi-sensory approach. Each letter is presented to children in a variety of contexts (i.e. tactile, auditory, kinesthetic, and visual). In this way, multiple pathways are formed for enhancing children’s retention of the names of the letters and their most common sounds. This multi-sensory approach incorporates activities that directly stimulate the five senses with exercises in dramatic play, art, movement, music, cooking, and literature exploration. This approach meets the needs of children with different learning styles and learning needs due to the multiple means through which children can access the content.


Hear the


See the


Write the


Feel the 


Taste the

Why Teachers and Parents Love ABC Twiggles®

How It Works

Letter Related Words and Sounds

Children will recognize and identify the same beginning sounds in words.

Children will learn the letter and it's sounds.

Children will identify the beginning sound of a word.

About our Program

The ABC Twiggles® program uses a multi-sensory approach that promotes alphabetic knowledge, phonological awareness, book and print concepts, and vocabulary development. Our curriculum and activities are research driven and aligned to state and national standards. 

ABC Twiggles's interactive Twiggle E-Books are the heart of the program. Each letter has its own story and letter book. Read by professional voice-actors, Twiggle Books are animated, interactive, and enriched with music and sound effects. Your children want to listen to or read these books over and over again. Children can choose to either listen to or read the story. In listening mode, each word is highlighted as it is read. In reading mode, children can read the story, or they can click the audio icon to hear the entire sentence or each word separately. Children can also play the Letter Game in which they find the targeted letter in the sentence.


In order to view the Twiggle Books today you will need to have the Flash Player installed. This means that the booklets won't play on most tablets or phones.  Starting this fall,  the dependency on the Flash Player will be eliminated and the Twiggle Books will display across all major devices.

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ABC Twiggles®
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During these difficult times KidsSoup wants to support children and parents at home by offering a 3 month ABC Twiggles membership for only $2.50 a month!

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