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We are here to save you time and money and to help your children build core skills with our preschool and kindergarten activities and resources.
 Our ready-to-use preschool activities, crafts, and lessons will make your daily planning fast, easy, and affordable. All our preschool and kindergarten activities and lessons are organized and easily accessible right from our computer to save you time. All our activities are prepared by teachers, are child-tested, fun and interesting, and educationally sound. 

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Why Teachers and Parents Products

Gain unlimited access for one year to our KidsSoup Resource Library containing over 200 themes and 12,000 preschool and kindergarten resources and more than 20,000 printables.


The ABC Twiggles® Curriculum introduces children to the letters of the alphabet using a multi-sensory approach. Each letter is presented to children in a variety of contexts (i.e., tactile, auditory, kinesthetic, and visual)


Inspire in your children the love of reading with our  interactive emergent reader ebooks and activities for preschool and kindergarten age children.


Why Teachers and Parents Love our Products

KidsSoup Resource Library

"Your website has provided wonderful curriculum materials and resources. I have highly recommend your website to other childcare providers in my area.”

Jeanette, Childcare Provider

Access Story Twiggles for Free!

KidsSoup® cares COVID-19

During these difficult times KidsSoup wants to support children and parents at home by making the Story Twiggles® library free through the end of May 2020.

Simply go to our store and create an account. You don't need to purchase anything.

Then, login to the Story Twiggles member site.

In order to view the Twiggle Books today you will need to have the Flash Player installed on your computer.
This means that the booklets won't play on most tablets or phones.  Starting this fall,  the dependency on the Flash Player will be eliminated and the Twiggle Books will display across all major devices.


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